I believe you will regret your decision…

It is not often that it happens, but it did today.   A potential client called.  Someone who had squandered his due diligence period and was now under a time crunch to get the home inspection completed in the next 3 days.  He Begged us to move mountains to inspect his home as soon as possible.  I moved things around and was able to schedule the inspection for tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.  Within two hours he called back and cancelled.  Something had “come up.”

I have been doing this long enough to know when someone is shopping our price,  versus getting a quality home inspection.   This type of client will normally book an appointment with everyone they speak to as they are shopping price.  That way they hedge their bets to make sure someone can perform the inspection in the allotted time.  Then they call back and cancel everyone else.  He kept asking about a discount which is a definite indicator that he is shopping price…not quality.   I explained our price was our price, but that it included a free re-inspection once the seller made repairs.   He wasn’t worried about re-inspections, he was worried about cheapest price, and who could give him a home inspection right now!

I am also a real estate agent and I have used most of our competitors for home inspections in the past.  I also know what level of detail most of our competitors provide, which is why I opened my own inspection company.  It is also why most agents are recommending our competitors over us.

Agents are recommending inspectors who will not “kill their deal.”  Agents get paid only at the closing table, not to find problems with the house, negotiate repairs, and follow through to make sure that buyers get everything they deserve in their new home.  Not hidden problems that will cost the buyers money that they had not planned to spend.  So, other agents recommend companies that won’t find things that could possibly kill their deal.

We have been told by agents that our reports are too extensive and that we report too many items that we observe while performing the home inspection.   I make the simple assumption that when we disclose the results of our inspection, the buyer can discern what is important, what will become important in the out-years, and what is normal wear and tear.   After all, if you want a new house, free from any issues, then buy a new house.  We inspect those too.

Home builders love our work.   We provide a home inspection report that generally goes from the buyer directly to the builder’s superintendent.  From there it is treated as a punch-list to get the house ready for the buyer’s walk through prior to closing.  When the builder’s representative takes the buyers through the home for their walk through, everyone knows we have performed the home inspection, the builder has remediated the punch list, we have re-inspected, and all is well for the buyers.

It is a hard thing to say you can’t trust the people you are supposed to be able to trust to successfully get you to the closing table on your forever home.   But forewarned is forearmed.  You should ask your agent a few questions about who and why they have referred a home inspection company to you.  If they answer to your satisfaction—your confidence is restored and you should proceed with due caution.

  • Why did you refer them specifically?
  • Have they ever missed a material defect in their inspection?
  • Do you or your company receive any kickbacks for referring them?
  • Why didn’t you recommend Rightway Residential?  Here are our reviews. Notice any complaints?

If their answers don’t give you a sense of easiness, maybe you should give us a call. Always do your own research and determine for yourself who might be worth a call to discuss home inspections.   Your investment in your home is but an event for everyone, including us, involved in the transaction.  To you it is so very much more.    If you call us and we don’t convince you that we are the right company to perform your home inspection…I will tell you who I use and why.  No harm, no foul.  At Rightway Residential Home Inspections, we are just a solid performing home inspection company determined to make sure that you don’t buy a money pit!