Pre-Listing Inspection

As The Seller, Why Should You Have A Pre-Listing Inspection Done Before Putting Your Home On The Market?


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Because it Saves Time – As the seller, you gain time to make the necessary repairs and improvements and then can provide a full disclosure to your potential buyer. This allows for fewer issues to negotiate.

More Money – The seller’s price expectation can be used to substantiate a higher asking price. The fair listing priced based on the true physical condition of the home.

Sells Faster – It minimizes the time a home spends on the market by providing proof of the home’s condition.

Marketability – Increases the home buyer’s perceived value of the property as well as reduces the likelihood that the buyer will hire their own home inspection.

Peace of Mind – The inspection can remove doubt in the buyer regarding initial concerns and may reduce the stress associated with purchasing a home. It also promotes a sense of trust with the buyer.

Though many homeowners are still skeptical about the advantages of  Pre-Listing Inspection, considering that it will bring down the price of their properties by identifying problems, but in reality, it does exactly the opposite and a third party home inspection report can always boost the chances of a property getting sold for a higher price.

During a Pre-Listing Inspection, all features of your property will be checked by the inspector. So, you can always help him in giving you a flawless report by taking care of these aforesaid requirements.

There is no restriction for a home owner to be present during the inspection; nonetheless, he/she should be present during the inspection. A pre-listing inspection involves checking out the same features and items those are considered during a pre-purchase inspection. An inspection will also involve checking out the structure of the house to understand its exact condition, and this plays a pivotal role in determining the price that you should get for your property according to the market standards.

If you intend to sell your property, you should not wait for the buyers to pinpoint the hidden problems, rather seek the assistance from a pre-listing home inspection services from our home inspection company, and you can certainly improve the prospect of getting it sold quickly.

With Rightway Residential Pre-Listing Inspection, you always recognize and fix the problem of the property before hand. Choose our Pre-listing Inspection in Augusta GA area!



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