Pre-Listing Inspections

Sell Your Home Faster, For More Money, and Less Headaches

A Certified Move In Ready Inspection is performed before the house is listed for sale. It may or may not be included in the seller’s disclosure documents. It provides a very valuable tool to the seller regarding the condition of the home before an offer is made on the house.

Benefit To The Seller

     As a home seller, your goal is to get as much money as you can for your home, as quickly as you can, with the least amount of hassle. Here are the reasons you should make a “Certified Move-In Ready Home Inspection” a part of that strategy.


Normally, the seller lists the house and an offer is negotiated.  Then the buyer has a home inspection and if anything is found defective, the negotiations start all over again.   When negotiations begin the second time there is only one loser…that is the seller.   Either you pay for needed repairs, or the buyer kills the deal.  Either way you lose.

But consider this.   You have a “Certified Move-In Ready Home Inspection” as part of your listing preparation.   This gives you true knowledge of the house and the advantage.  The options after the inspection are:

     1.  Fix all the defects and have the inspection company provide a “Clear” inspection report.

     2.  Fix some of the defects and adjust the price based on what is left of the repairs.

     3.  Fix nothing and adjust the price accordingly.

Either way, you now have the facts and the pricing strategy to help you achieve your goals!  No apprehension while waiting on a home inspection; no re-negotiating the deal after n buyer’s inspection; no SUPRISES!

When you make a “Certified Move-In Ready Home Inspection” a part of your listing preparation, you can disclose the report as part of your seller’s disclosure.   Sure, they buyer can still have their own inspection, in fact, encourage them to do so!  Confirming information from a third party only strengthens your position…and your bottom line!